Recommendations for selecting your readings at the beginning of the year

The beginning of a new year presents us with the ideal opportunity to revitalize our goals and habits. If one of your aspirations is to cultivate a reading habit, you are on the right path to personal enrichment. However, considering the abundance of literary options available, it can be challenging to make an informed decision about which work to select for reading. Below, we provide some guidelines that may be helpful to you when choosing the most appropriate readings to start the year.

I reflected on your personal goals:

Before you start exploring literature, it is advisable to think about your goals and objectives for the year. Do you want to learn something new? Do you need motivation? Are you looking for pure entertainment? Understanding your goals will allow you to focus on specific genres and topics.

Explore new genres:

Expand your literary horizons and don’t restrict yourself to a single genre. Exploring various styles and themes can expand your perspectives and give you a richer reading experience. If you enjoy fictional narrative, you could also explore literature based on real events, or vice versa.

Checklist of recommendations:

Bestseller lists, literary awards, and reviews can serve as valuable sources of inspiration. In the digital sphere, there are various online platforms specialized in recommending literary works, which offer a wide selection of books that could capture your interest and that; otherwise, you might not have considered.

Check your pending shelves:

You probably have many books stacked on your shelf, waiting to be read. Now could be the right time to pick up those titles you’ve been putting off and give them a chance.

Read reviews and opinions:

Before committing to purchasing a book, it is suggested to examine some reviews and comments from other readers. This reference will provide an objective view of the quality and style of the book, facilitating your evaluation process to determine if it meets your expectations and requirements.

Establish a balance:

Alternating between texts of greater and lesser complexity can continually stimulate your interest throughout the year. Do not underestimate the influence of a light literary work as a method of disconnection, however, it is equally important to dedicate time to reading more challenging texts that can contribute to broadening your perspective.

Participate in a collaborative reading group.

Inclusion in a literary reference group gives participants the valuable opportunity to interact and discuss literary works with other members, thus encouraging the exchange of ideas, diversity of perspectives, and the discovery of previously overlooked potential readings. The social exchange related to reading can be enriching and motivating.

Give preference to local authors.

Investigate literature produced by local or national authors. Establishing links with native literature can offer particular insight and support the local literary community.

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When faced with the wide universe of reading, keep in mind that there are no rigid guidelines. The key is to enjoy the trip and give yourself the opportunity to explore various areas through literary works. Using these tips, you will be in a better position to make informed decisions and turn the activity of reading into a rewarding experience in this coming year. Happy reading!

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