Codex Lighthouse

Enlighten your mind with the books of Codex Lighthouse.

Codex Lighthouse is an independent, family-owned publishing house with Gustavo Gutierrez as its principal writer and editor. The present publisher has had the cooperation of Kelly Mercado and Yoneidys Gutierrez, who have strived to offer a wide range of high caliber books in various genres.

The main focus of the publishing house is to enlighten the minds of its readers through its publications. With the statement “Enlighten your mind with Codex Lighthouse books”, this publisher is dedicated to providing books that do not simply distract, but also instruct and enhance the cognition of its readers.

Quality is of paramount importance and, as such, they work hard to present books that are distinguished by their exceptional content and presentation. Additionally, their family-centered approach means that their writing is accessible to a wide audience of diverse ages and literary preferences.

In short, Codex Lighthouse is an independent publisher that offers a wide range of quality books in various literary genres, with the goal of enlightening the intellect of its readers. With its orientation towards family structure and its tireless dedication to excellence.

Encourage creativity

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Stimulate the imagination

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Books are beacons of light that illuminate our minds and guide us on our journey through life. At Codex Lighthouse, our commitment is to be that lighthouse that lights the way to knowledge, creativity, and continuous learning.

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